Quality Plan

Quality Plan

Quality Planning is a critical part of any project. It then helps the company to monitor and control the level of quality produced by the project, to ensure that they meet the quality targets set. By using the quality plan, the company can set quality target and ensure that their project produces deliverables which meet their customer’s needs, thereby ensuring the company success.

City Sky quality plan helps schedule all of the tasks needed to make sure that the projects meets the needs of their customers. It comprises of two parts: Quality Assure Plan that lists the independent reviews needed and the Quality Control Plan that lists the internal reviews needed to meet the quality target, by using the Quality Assurance and Quality Control Techniques, it can create a comprehensive Quality Management Plan for their Project.

Quality Plan Set Quality Targets By:-

  • Identify the Clients / Consultant requirements
  • Listing the project deliverables to be produced
  • Setting Quality Criteria for these deliverables
  • Defining quality Standard for the deliverables
  • Gaining the Clients / Consultant agreement with the target set.

Quality Plan Use To Monitor And Control Quality By:-

  • Identify the quality control tasks needed to control quality
  • Creating a Quality Control Plan, by scheduling the control activities
  • Listing the quality assurance activities required to assure quality
  • Building a Quality Assurance Plan, by creating an activity schedule.